Good News for Users of Samsung Galaxy Watch and Watch Active as New Features are Lined-Up with the New Update


Now users of Samsung Galaxy Watch and Watch Active are going to experience new features of Galaxy Watch Active2 without upgrading the watch, but by just updating the software.

Yes, it is true now users will experience all the features of Galaxy Watch Active2, thanks to Samsung for updating earlier versions of watches and enhancing them with new features.

Once users of Galaxy Watch and Watch Active2 finished the update of UI, they will fully use Bixby Voice Assitance, Samsung Health and many more feature. Overtime Bixby will learn the user’s routine, it will help them in day to day tasks.

At present Samsung is offering 17 Dials to its watches but with new improved UX, users will be using 24 Dials along with a customized My Style display, hence across all models of Samsung Watches, these features will be available. It is a good decision by the company as we know that Samsung is slow in providing updates, sometimes customers had a feeling that Samsung has forgotten us. It is a step towards retaining old customers as competition is growing at a high pace.

With this new update of Galaxy Watch and Watch Active users will see that app icons have been moved at the bottom of the display of the watch so that users can see other activities also at the same time like outgoing calls, any task in progress etc. This update gives a clear graphic and easier user interface.

The most interesting update is the Samsung Health, now users can track their daily activities like running and cycling with Daily Active feature. Users can also check their Heart Rate and Watch will give an alert if the Heart Rate is Low.

Samsung is offering a lot of new features with the new update and more customization offers. Now customers will be getting more out of their old watches.

Let us wait for the UI update, Samsung has started rolling out updates, will touch the market one by one.

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