Upcoming Samsung A Series Smartphones 2020 – Galaxy A11, A31 and A41


With the new year, Samsung has planned to flood the market with a new range of smartphones. Samsung is launching Galaxy A11, A31 and A41  in 2020.

Earlier we have seen that only flagship models use to come every year and with time their price drops and they become affordable for the common man. But time has changed with the growing business and competition, the market has evolved into a new trend.

Now every smartphone is upgrading every year. We are witnessing that with time, new and updated mobiles are available in the market, which is in the reach of the common man.

This trend has a disadvantage also that new mobile models are vanishing from the market very soon. That is, the shelf life of mobile phones is limited nowadays, which give rooms for new models. With this change, the price of used mobile has gone down. A lot of well-conditioned mobiles are available on Olx and other portals.

Well, let us come back to Samsung Galaxy A11, A13 and A41, which are going to launch in the first quarter of 2020. These mobiles will be available with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal memory.

To keep up with the trend of Galaxy A series these models will have AMOLED panel but with Infinity-O display.

Hope to catch these models very soon.

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