What is Intelligent WiFi and how to Enable it

Intelligent Wifi is an advance WiFi technology which allows the smartphone or device to automatically switch to best WiFi signals or switch from WiFi to Mobile Date if WiFi signal is poor. Hence it provides the best date to the device. It is also known as Adaptive WiFi


  • It allows the device to Automatically Switch from WiFi to Mobile Date if WiFi signal is poor or unreliable or unstable.
  • It Automatically connects to WiFi when the device comes in the range of most used WiFi network.
  • Automatically turns On and Off WiFi depending upon the location of the device.
  • It will even connect to Hotspot by analyzing traffic pattern.
  • It will monitor the traffic pattern of data and by analyzing it, it will adopt Power Saving Mode, when to turn On and Off WiFi. 

How to Enable Intelligently WiFi

1. Go to WiFi
2. Tap on three dots on the upright
3. Tap on Advanced
4. Switch ON ‘Switch to Mobile Data’ and ‘Turn On WiFi Automatically’.
5. Scroll down and switch ON ‘Hotspot’.
6. Here you go – End.
Intelligent WiFi
Intelligent WiFi

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