Samsung Unveiled Z-Flip Smartphone Before its Official Launch


Samsung unveiled Z-Flip mobiles in a commercial before its official launch on 12 Feb 2020, which is scheduled at 0:30AM as per Indian standard time.

Now there is no need for external sources for getting an update about new mobiles, nowadays this job is doing by companies themselves. Samsung showed off its entire Smartphone ahead of its launch. In a tweet by Nilay Patel, co-founder of ‘The Verge’, drops the curtain of Z-Flip mobile, it shows the entire mobile, how it opens and folds.

Samsung just showed off the entire Z Flip during its Oscars ad. Small print says screen crease is normal, heh

— nilay patel (@reckless) February 10, 2020

It is a direct competitor of Motorola Razr 2019 Foldable Smartphone. Here we expect good specifications unlike Razr 2019.


Motorola Razr 2019 is powered by Snapdragon 710 Octa-Core Chipset, by which, we are not that much impressed, and it is boosted by 4/6GB RAM with Internal Memory of 128GB. In the year 2020, we don’t expect a mobile with 4/6GB RAM if we are spending more than a thousand dollars.

Well, let us come back to Samsung Z-Fold, we are expecting this mobile to be launched alongside Galaxy S20. In this ad, it is clearly visible that Z-Flip mobile will come in two colours, Black and Purple.

It is going to have dual display, a smaller one on the front, which will be used for receiving and rejecting the call, and the other one is the folding display which can be held at 90degree for better video chat. The body looks as if it is made of glass. After folding the mobile, we are going to have a tiny squire mobile which is easily holdable in a palm.

As per the claim by Samsung, the year 2020 will change the concept of mobiles, we expect this mobile to be a 5G Smartphone with high-end specifications.

It is expected that this time will have a glass screen unlike Samsung Fold and Razr 2019. It will be an impressive and innovative feature from Samsung to use glass in a folding mobile. We are not sure of Crease in the display whether it will be visible or not.

As per the small video in the tweet, it is clearly visible that the Z-Flip is going to have a dual camera. We are expecting an obvious Super AMOLED display at more than 500ppi. It is also leaked that its display will be around 6.7inch, ie slightly taller than Motorola Razr 2019.

If we come to specs then it is leaked that Z-Fold will have Snapdragon 855 with 8GB RAM and an Internal Memory of 256GB. It will be an Upgraded or Pro flagship mobile form Samsung. The battery could be 3300mAh with support of 15W fast charging, which will support wireless charging.

Apart from specifications foldable mobile also requires refined hardware like Hinges, the better the hinges are, the better it will be, in terms of durability.

It is also rumoured that Z-Fold will have a competitive price i.e. it will be cheaper than Moto Razr 2019 and Galaxy Fold.

Well, these are the rumours only, actual specs will be seen after the launch of the mobile.

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