What is Intelligent Wi-Fi and How to Enable it?


Intelligent Wi-Fi is one of the essential part of Smartphone nowadays

Nowadays the internet is a daily need, you can’t imagine a day without the internet, Wi-Fi is the answer to that. We are consuming a lot of videos nowadays, we want more data. Data provided by the SIM provider is not enough, we want extra data. Hence we can say that extra data or Wi-Fi is a must. Switching On to the best Wi-Fi signal manually is also a problem. We should have an automatic switch. Here we will learn What is Intelligent Wi-Fi and how to enable it on our mobile.

Intelligent Wi-Fi – Explained

Intelligent Wi-Fi is an advance Wi-Fi technology which allows the smartphone or device to automatically switch to the best Wi-Fi signals or switch from Wi-Fi to Mobile Date if Wi-Fi signal is poor. Hence it provides the best data to the device and enhance user experience. It is also known as Adaptive Wi-Fi.

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  • It Automatically connects to Wi-Fi when the device comes in the range of most used Wi-Fi network.
  • It allows the device to Automatically Switch from Wi-Fi to Mobile Date if Wi-Fi signal is poor or unreliable or unstable.
  • Automatically turns On and Off Wi-Fi depending upon the location of the device.
  • It will even connect to Hotspot by analyzing traffic pattern.
  • It will monitor the traffic pattern of data and by analyzing it, it will adopt Power Saving Mode, when to turn On or Off Wi-Fi. 


How to Enable Intelligently Wi-Fi

1. Go to Wi-Fi
2. Tap on three dots on the upper right
3. Tap on Advanced
4. Switch ON ‘Switch to Mobile Data’ and ‘Turn On Wi-Fi Automatically’.
5. Scroll down and switch ON ‘Hotspot’.
6. Here you go – End.
Intelligent WiFi
Intelligent WiFi


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