What is Wi-Fi Calling | How to activate it

Wha is WiFi Calling

What is Wi-fi calling?

Wi-Fi calling is a voice calling service that allows users to make and receive calls via Wi-Fi network at a place where your telecom service operator’s network is not strong enough to provide a call.

The good news is that now Wi-Fi calling is active in almost all countries, in India, Jio and Airtel are also providing Wi-Fi calling. All you need is a WiFi connection and an updated smartphone. Now you can make and receive calls where telecom network signals are not strong enough.

But there are few points you should know about Wi-Fi calling

First, you should have a SIM of ‘Wi-Fi callings’ service provider (like Jio or Airtel). Second, you should have a WiFi connection. In those areas where mobile signals are very weak or there may be a place where your mobile signal is not enough for calling, so at that place, you can make calls via WiFi.

Your Smartphone will automatically switch the call to Wi-Fi and make a smooth call from that place. Isn’t great!!!!

How to activate it?

Go to Smartphone’s Setting -to- Connections -to- Wi-Fi calling press Yes button.

Caution – Your SIM should be active for VoLTE and Wi-Fi both at the same time.

Please note that you cannot make a Wi-Fi call when your mobile is on Flight Mode or there is no SIM in the mobile or there are no signals at all. Basically, it will boost your telecom signals. If you have no signal in your home/area, please remember that it will not provide the signals but will only boost them when there is a very little signal. It will enhance the calling experience.

Most Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. Is Wi-Fi calling available in India?
A. Yes, it is available in India. Jio, Airtel and Vodafone are providing Wi-Fi calling.

Q2. What are the charges of Wi-Fi calling?
A. It is completely free i.e. with no extra charges, but calls will be charged as per your existing data plan.

Q3. Will Wi-Fi consumes Date? If yes, how much?
A. Yes, it will consume Data. Generally, it will consume 1MB data for calling for One minute i.e 1MB/minute.

Q4. How do I make Wi-Fi calls?
A. All you should have to do is a Wi-Fi connection and a Wi-Fi-compatible smartphone. Enable Wi-Fi calling as per above process, your mobile will automatically toggle between WiFi and telecom network as per signal requirement for calling.

Q5. Do I have to switch On  VoLTE, to make a Wi-Fi call?
A. Yes, VoLTE should be kept ON while making smooth calling.

Q6. Can I make international calls via Wi-Fi calling? Will it be free?
A. Yes, you can make International calls with this help but it will be charged as per International call charges and the amount will be deducted as per your telecom plan.

Q7. Should Wi-Fi be kept On or Off?
A8. WiFi should be kept ON.

Q8. Can I make Wi-Fi calls while my mobile is in Airplane mode?
A. In India you cannot make a call in Airplane mode, you should have at least week signal to make a call, Wi-Fi calling will only boost your mobile signals for HD calling but remember it will not provide the signals.

Q9. My mobile is not showing Wi-Fi calling.
A. If your mobile phone is not showing WiFi calling you should update your mobile to the latest software, generally, with the software update, companies are providing WiFi calling feature.

Q10. Is my mobile phone compatible with Wi-Fi calling?
A. Yes, there is a list of Smartphone which are compatible –

To check your mobile compatibility using Jio SIM 
To check your mobile compatibility using Airtel SIM


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