18 Things You Can Do Now in iPhone's New iOS 16 That You Couldn’t Do Before

1) Track your medication via Health app 2) Add haptic feedback to the keyboard, it is introduced for the first time


3) Share photos more easily with new interface 4) Can send Emergency SOS message in no network area

5) Can send help message if the car has crashed 6) Track your fitness without an Apple Watch through the Apple Fitness app 

7) Safety Check for more privacy   8) Cut out objects from photo with new interface

9) Select different lock screen configurations and you can add widgets to multiple lock screen 10) Focus mode - Set up filters 

11) Plan routes with multiple stops in Apple Map App 12) Multiple lock screen notifications to choose from

13) Through iMessage you can edit and unsend message 14) and also bring back recently deleted message

15) You can schedule email as per priorities 16) For extra optional security lock down your iPhone

17) Share tab groups to other people in Safari IOS 18) See the battery level in percentage as in Android mobiles